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TWV Investors Who Blog

Nancy Keene

Nancy’s blog explores topics of business, talent and work/life strategies -- prompted by the changes and challenges of technology, modern culture and a 24/7 global market and is located on her website, www.keeneperfectfit.com. Nancy is a “talent” expert and is working on a book.

Alex Ramsey

Alex’s blog, Leadership Mojo, can be found at www.alexramsey.com. She writes Packets and Pauses which is about tips for communication and meetings, and a second newsletter which deals with the thought leadership related to growing a company called LodeStar Universal Monthly Newsletter. Both newsletters are accessed through her website www.lodestaruniversal.com. Alex is a former columnist with the Dallas Morning News.

Julie England

Julie writes a blog for High Tech Business Executives about career success and business development consulting which is located at www.tools-rules.com. She also writes a blog about enhancing your landscape which can be found at www.hillcrest-landscapes.com. Julie is a former senior executive at Texas Instruments with a high-technology and manufacturing background.

Tina Young

Tina writes a blog called Wavelengths to help keep you current in Marketing and Branding to grow your business. The blog can be found at wavelengthsblog.wordpress.com.