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EntegraBLU (TM) - Current

Cyber security solution for critical infrastructure

Location: Plano, Texas

CEO: Nancy Shemwell

Year Founded: 2016

Business Description: EntegraBLU(TM) is the commercialization of cyber security technology for critical infrastructure and industrial control systems, developed for the NSA and used by the US intelligence agencies for over a decade. This technology has been hardened in some of the highest risk environments.

Employees: Less than 50

Investment: EntegraBLU (TM) is a proven solution that protects industrial control systems at the edge, currently some of the most vulnerable assets. The vast array of current cyber solutions are aimed at protecting emails and data. EntegraBLU (TM) is different in that it delivers unbreakable protection of two-way communications in complex industrial environments.

Investors entering the play now will be funding the expansion of the business as a land grab of this largely untapped $12B market opportunity.

Website: www.entegraBLU.com

EntegraBLU (TM) - Current